NECA Convention
Green Alley at NECA Show Gets the Green Light

Green building is the leading trend shaping construction and design these days, and at NECA 2008 Chicago, we're making sure that electrical contractors have the tools to help their customers meet their own green building goals, whether in achieving LEED certification, making buildings more energy efficient, or using renewable energy technology in their construction projects. Our Green Alley exhibitors are playing an important part in helping us achieve this goal!

The “Green Alley" at the NECA trade show will feature the most significant gathering of alternative energy technologies specifically for electrical contractors. Also on site will be the manufacturers of the latest energy-efficient products that are becoming increasingly important to your environmentally-minded customers.

The 2008 NECA Show will also offer special technical workshops on the latest green technologies, such as:
· Greenbacks from the Green Movement: Profit Opportunities for Electrical Contractors
· Small Wind Systems
· Benefits and Applications of Electric Submeters in the “Green Facility” Environment, and
· Fuel Cells: Real World Use

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