NECA Convention
A Partnership That Works in Action at NECA 2008 Chicago: A Special Labor Day Message for Convention-Goers

Members and employees of the National Electrical Contractors Assn. (NECA) joined the tens of millions of Americans taking a day off work to celebrate Labor Day on Monday, Sept. 1. But for the NECA family, Labor Day is about more than end-of-summer picnics. It's when NECA members can proudly celebrate their successful partnership with their employees who are represented by the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers.

We'll continue to celebrate our labor-management partnership at NECA 2008 Chicago. Apprentices and electricians from Local 11 in Los Angeles and Local 134 in Chicago will showcase their skills in several demonstrations on the Show floor. The national apprenticeship program NECA and the IBEW jointly sponsor ensures that these workers are thoroughly trained in the skills and safety precautions necessary to get the job done safely and economically.

IBEW International President Ed Hill will open the special Labor Relations General Session to discuss how the IBEW views the industry and the programs that are in place to build market share. NECA Vice President of Labor Relations Geary Higgins will speak on the latest initiatives and programs within the industry, as well as the need for a two-pronged effort to build an effective relationship between the chapter and local union. The discussion that follows will feature members of NECA's national Labor Relations Task Force.

"We have to speak openly but respectfully if we want to continue a successful labor-management partnership with the IBEW," said NECA CEO John M. Grau. " Labor Day was founded to remember our country’s workers, and it’s also a day to acknowledge the commitment that signatory contractors like NECA members have shown to their employees and the union that represent them. I'm proud to be a part of an organization that investing in a socially-responsible approach to business. I believe it will carry us far into the future."

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