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Trade Show Tips: The Importance of Body Language

The annual NECA convention and trade show features the largest gathering of the most influencial decision-makers in the electrical contracting market.  In fact, NECA Contractors comprise 60% of the buying power in a $130 billion industry, and 30-40% are at the annual NECA trade show. They are the target audience of the most value to your business, and we want to make certain your meeting with them is a mutually beneficial experience.

To achieve this goal, we are introducing Trade Show Tips, a special section you will find in every issue of the NECA Exhibitor ALERT.  This section will feature suggestions and tips to help bring more traffic to your booth, and gain more from your interactions with show attendees.

Trade Show Tip # 1: The Importance of Body Language--Are You Sending Your Customers the Right Message?

Working in a trade show booth can, indeed, be a tough and tiring job, but you don't want to make this obvious to your trade show guests and valued customers.  According to Mickey Cuzzucoli, NECA's Exposition Sales Manager, potential customers walking the trade show floor, will read a lot from your body language.   According to Mickey, "Standing up straight, with a smile, and facing the crowd is important--you want to convey energy and enthusiasm.  If you are positive, energetic, and excited about your product or service, they will be too.  Sitting slouched in a chair will make both you and your potential customers tired and disinterested."  Mickey also stresses the importance of maintaining a stance that tells trade show guests you are "approachable."  She explains, "Don't stand with your arms crossed, or with your hands in your pockets.  You want to send your potential customers the message that you are willing and ready to have a conversation with them.  If you show them you are excited to talk to them, they will be excited to talk to you."  Mickey also notes the importance of showing potential customers that you are an active listener. "Make eye contact, and show interest in what they are telling you.  One of the most common reasons show attendees give for not buying from an exhibitor is that they felt that the booth worker didn't understand their needs, because he or she wasn't listening actively." 

For more Trade Show Tips, keep reading the Exhibitor ALERT!  Have a Trade Show Tip you would like to share with your colleagues?  Contact Katie at (301) 215-4506 or by e-mail at


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