NECA Convention
Your Energy Solutions Classroom at NECA 2009 Seattle

When times are tough, the last thing your business can afford to lose is momentum. You need to keep moving into new markets, and right now, no market offers more opportunities for electrical contractors than energy solutions.

NECA 2009 Seattle is the best resource for electrical contractors who want get more involved in the energy solutions market. The event offers several workshops and seminars focused on energy efficiency, conservation, and renewable energy sources.

Find your place in the energy solutions market by attending some of the great management seminars:

  • What the Stimulus Package Means to Your Business
  • Energy Audits: Portals to Green Energy Projects
  • Emerging PV Markets Guide
  • Green Contracting: Federal and State Methods for Green Building

Don't let the business opportunities in the energy solutions market slip away from your company! Be a part of the future of our industry at NECA 2009 Seattle!

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