NECA Convention
Making the Most of Your Time at the NECA Show – Know the Statistics

Taking the time now to plan how you and your colleagues will approach Show-goers in Chicago will definitely help prevent miscommunication on-site! The Center for Exhibition Industry Research (CEIR) report on face-to-face contact is very revealing.

  • 87 percent of exhibitors rate face-to-face interaction in marketing their company’s products or services very or extremely important in performing their job.
  • It takes an average is 1.6 calls to close an exhibition-generated lead, compared to the industry average of 3.7 calls to close a field-generated lead.
  • The cost of contacting a prospect in the field is $308 vs. $212 cost per visitor contacted at an exhibition.
  • 53 percent of attendees are planning to buy one or more products and services as a result of what they saw at an exhibition.
  • 51 percent of executive decision-makers asked a sales representative to visit their company after the show.
  • 76 percent asked for a price quote at the last show they attended.
Unfortunately, statistics also point to some problems. Only 15 percent of the show audience is comfortable being approached by a booth worker. Attendees believe 42 percent of the booth workers didn’t understand their needs because he or she wasn’t listening attentively.

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