NECA Convention
Getting the Word Out

We're excited about NECA 2008 Chicago, and we want to make sure our exhibitors at the NECA Show know about all the great things we're doing to get the word out – and get the right people to your booth!

Here's just a sample of what we've done recently to market the NECA Show to our members and industry leaders.

1. NECA 2008 Chicago Circuit
Our e-newsletter for registered and prospective attendees goes out bi-weekly to more than 6,000 targeted individuals. Read the most recent issues online and sign up to get your copy now!

2. Advertisements in Trade Publications
We've invested in several full-page print advertisements promoting NECA 2008 Chicago in the publications we know our attendees read and share with their colleagues, including ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR magazine, Electrical Advertiser, Electrical Source, SolarPro, Electrical Solutions, and TED magazine. Ads are developed by the creative team of Attendance Marketing, our partner in reaching the largest and most important audience for the NECA Show. Contact Mickey,, if you would like to see a sample of a recent ad in one of these publications.

3. Email Campaigns

We've also capitalized on our relationship with these trade publications to reach out to their subscribers, as well as Chicago-area NECA chapters and electrical distributors.

Our media relations activities and Win Free Airfare promotion will be detailed in the next issue of the NECA 2008 Chicago exhibitor newsletter!

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