NECA Convention
Counterfeit Electrical Products: Can You Be Sued?

Concern about counterfeit electrical products and the risk they pose continues to grow as fast as the counterfeit products themselves seem to be invading all areas of the supply chain – from manufacturing to distributing to installation.

As the recognized voice of the electrical construction industry, NECA will host a special forum dedicated to these concerns at NECA 2008 Chicago on Monday, Oct. 6, immediately following the grand prize drawing for the NECA Show at 4 p.m. Admission is open to all trade show attendees and convention registrants.

The special one-hour panel discussion on Counterfeit Products: Can You Be Sued? will feature panelists from across the electrical construction industry, including product manufacturers, distributors, contractors, as well as a legal expert in the liability issues counterfeit products pose for all. A question-and-answer session will follow the presentations. Don’t miss this informative session on the legal issues that could affect your projects!

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