NECA Convention
Online Registration Open!

We’re so excited to see new and familiar friends registering for NECA 2008 Chicago, and we hope you’ll register today too! We’ve put together step-by-step instructions for registering online to make things as easy as possible!

You will need your individual NECA user name and password to register for this meeting. Your user name is your Individual ID number as listed on your NECA Identification Card.

You already have a user name and password if you are a NECA member, have ever registered for a NECA meeting, or have made a purchase in the NECA Store.

Forgotten your user name or password? Please do not register as a New User on this site if you have ever registered for a previous NECA meeting or made a purchase in the NECA Store. This will create a duplicate record and since this creates duplicate records.

You will need to return to NECA 2008 Chicago registration at after you have retrieved this information.

Questions or problems accessing your NECA record? Contact NECA at (301) 215-4535 or use the Live Assistance Online.

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