NECA Convention
NECA Leading the Industry Call for Energy Solutions

Consistently high energy prices mean that more building owners and facility managers are demanding energy-efficient systems and incorporating alternative power sources into their buildings. As the voice of the electrical construction industry, NECA is committed to ensuring our members are ready for the latest market opportunities in green construction. To this end, NECA recently convened the Energy Solutions Summit in Los Angeles.

The meeting addressed how the electrical construction industry will respond to the rapidly growing demand for more efficient energy systems and alternative energy sources. More than 40 NECA contractors and chapter managers with experience in sustainable building projects were invited to the Summit chaired by Rex Ferry, NECA President-Elect, to offer their insight and prospective on the future of green electrical construction.

The recommendations generated by summit participants will be used to develop a strategic plan and prioritize what resources will best help NECA members respond to the evolving needs and technology of the green construction market. Initial plans and resources will be introduced at NECA’s annual convention in Chicago. Read more about the Energy Solutions Summit now.

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