NECA Convention
A National Framework for Local Solutions: Special General Session on Labor Relations at NECA 2008 Chicago

Members count on NECA to fight for competitive agreement language while maintaining a positive working relationship with the leadership of our industry’s labor force. NECA 2008 Chicago attendees will have a unique opportunity to witness how the national organization is maintaining this crucial balance and also speak out on the issues currently shaping their local markets.

IBEW International President Ed Hill will open the special session with brief comments on how the IBEW views the industry and the programs that are in place to build market share.

Following Hill’s remarks, NECA Vice President of Labor Relations Geary Higgins will speak on the latest initiatives and programs within the industry, as well as the need for a two-pronged effort to build an effective relationship between the chapter and local union. The success of this effort hinges on the national association remaining in close contact with the international union and clearly stating what NECA members require to remain competitive; and the chapters working with their local unions to take full advantage of the opportunities offered by new and less restrictive language and policies.

NJATC Executive Director Mike Callanan will also address the audience on some of the recent and ongoing efforts at the NJATC to empower local areas to adapt and address training to their specific needs.

Higgins and Callanan’s frank discussion will be followed by more straight talk from the NECA Labor Relations Task Force members (Rex Ferry, President Elect; John Negro, District 7 Vice President; and John Colson, Vice President at Large), where they will review the progress and future planning of the Task Force.

In a twist on the traditional “Question and Answer” period, the first questions will be asked by the Task Force to members of the audience. This format change will encourage an immediate, open dialogue directly between the task force and the NECA members they represent. The feedback gathered will help to shape our future labor relations initiatives.

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